Calendaria Liturgica

Welcome to CalendariaLiturgica

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The main calendar site

This site provides online calendars for the Ordinary, Extraordinary and Ordinariate forms of the Roman rite, with a large number of national propers available.

The commercial site

This site provides subscriptions to highly-customizable iframe inserts containing ‘Ordo’ details for the current day for either form of the Roman rite. Subscriptions include bonus access to a one-week calendar iframe that is particularly useful for parishes’ and dioceses’ websites. Iframes can be provided for any proper diocesan or parochial proper calendars. (If necessary your calendar will be added to our database).

The owner’s blog

This is an occasional, modest blog kept by the owner of the site.

The Byzantine-rite calendar page

This is more of an experimental, stripped-down page, which attempts to offer an approximate generic Byzantine-rite calendar, as used by many Eastern Catholics. It is for general interest only: it is not as scrupulously researched and implemented as my Roman-rite site.