Impressive Pro-Life Testimonies at the Republican National Convention

Pro-life testimonies at the Republican National ConventionThe recent Republican National Convention featured some extremely impressive anti-abortion testimonies, three of which I want to share with you today. In the first, Abby Johnson, former clinic director and employee of the year at the major abortion provider Planned Parenthood, relates her experiences. As her superior told her: ‘abortion is how we make our money’. 

In the second, Tera Myers, whose son has Down’s Syndrome, describes the anti-life medical community’s attitude to disability. She quotes her doctor’s advice to abort her son: ‘If you do not, you will be burdening your life, your family and your community’.

In the third, Sr Dede Byrne, M.D., a former colonel of the US Army Medical Corps, and now a religious sister of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts, reminds us that the Biden-Harris presidential ticket is the most anti-life ever. As she says: ‘The largest marginalized group in the world can be found here in the United States: they are the unborn’.

With her excellent line ‘I’m saying [this] not just because I am pro-life, but becauseI am pro-eternal life’, Sr Byrne also neatly indicates why the Church opposes abortion so vigorously. It is not because she is a mere moral pressure group, but because she is (in her view) the ordinary human instrument of God’s preparing people for heaven. However, God has given man free will: man can turn himself away from God by sin, and so frustrate the Church’s mission. The Church therefore opposes political policies that abet sin: and ‘pro-choice’ policies, more than any others, directly facilitate sins—namely the sins of performing, procuring, or choosing to have, abortions. This (as I would put it) is why the Church speaks against ‘Pro-Choice’ policies so insistently.